How It Works

Deliver better healthcare experiences

ziPede is a new, point of care, communication and education tool for all healthcare providers. We improve provider efficiency and patient comprehension at the point of care and beyond.

Our web-based service works on any device with internet access and a current web browser. We use state-of-the art security and encryption. No data, including protected health information (PHI), is stored on any device. ziPede meets all HIPAA requirements. Delivery is one-way, documented and verifiable.

We know that providers frequently do not have enough time to cover everything needed in order to educate patients well. Studies show that patients remember about 20-30% of what their providers say during office visits. While 85% of patients search the web for health information, providers lack efficient ways to direct patients to the best sites. ziPede fixes all of this and more.

At our core, we are a secure, one-way, provider to patient, delivery platform. ziPede is essentially a Rx pad for everything except medications. ziPede allows you to:

  • Prescribe patient handouts instead of printing = reduce cost & time
  • Direct patients to specific webpages = the right page in one click
  • Create reusable text, audio and video for health topics = reduce repetition
  • Say it once, say it well, send anytime = improve consistency
  • Send HIPAA-compliant text and audio messages = more efficient communication

  How it works



  • Organize patient information our cloud based platform
  • Upload your own content as well as share between colleagues
  • Full access to content that ziPede produces & curates

  How to Use Libraries
  How to Add Content



  • Easily select and send content directly to your patients in a matter of seconds. This is called sending a zip.
  • “zips” go from your secure account to your patient's secure account
  • Send HIPAA-compliant text, audio or video messages anytime
  • Prescribe content from your library: PDF, URL, Text, Audio & Video
  • Capture and send audio or video of key points from visits
  • Patients receive text or email notification when they have new zips
  • Delivery is secure, verified and documented

  How to Add Patients
  How to Send a Zip



  • Increase patient comprehension by allowing your patients to learn at the time, place, and pace that works best for them
  • Know if and when your patients view their zips
  • Automated reminders encourage patients to look at unviewed zips
  • Optimize visits by sending pre and post-visit information
  • Improve your efficiency through faster workflows and less repetition


Examples of content available to you through the community library. It's free and you can import into your library with just one click.

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  Fact Sheet: How to use Crutches
  Hemoglobin A1C
  HPV 101
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